Tantalizing Tarot Thoughts

Queries, speculation, and understanding... the mystical realization of the innate powers of Tarot Card Readings!

The divination behind Tarot Cards is one that has been practiced and respected since as early as the 15th Century. Tarot Cards continue to be one of the most effective ways of exploring and defining periods of uncertainty. This ancient iconography practice involves the symbolic representation of Tarot's remarkable images on each card in a deck. The technique aids us in identifying the answers to burning questions so we can physically and mentally contemplate events that will take place in our immediate futures. The archetypal cards that we know and love are wise, visual paintings that are used to analyze and foresee current and future situations. Astrology's partnership with the strengths of a Tarot reading creates a stunning blend of spiritual wisdom. Everybody possesses spirituality, connecting us to our inner selves as it resonates through our souls. The spiritual side of our personality is what helps us control our minds and allows us to explore the meaning of life.

Unsurprisingly, there is a fierce, united link between Astrology and Tarot. For that reason, using both disciplines to measure your given circumstances in the past, present, and future provides a solid understanding of potential outcomes based on our actions according to readings. The sensual marriage between the Zodiac and Tarok, the original name for Tarot, provides a philosophical study of our disposition during our life journey. By combining mathematical measuerments of the alignment of the stars and the planets (Astrology), with a Peronslized Reading delivered by a qualified psychic (Tarot), you will have all the tools you need to act accordingly. Did you know that each Zodiac sign has its very own Tarot card? For that reason alone, you can see how inextricably linked Astrology and Tarot really are, which is why we will go into more detail about each inividual sign's card later!


Tarotmancy, the technical term for the art of Tarot Card Reading, is a forceful conjuring of ancient iconic cards that allows readers to measure spiritual outcomes using their intuition. The cards can be used to discover potential influences that a person may not be aware of, meaning we can base our decisions for the future on any circumstances that may be coming our way. A reader will reveal what is known as a “spread”, which is an arrangement of cards that decipher two prominent aspects of the person in question's fate. There are a number of spreads possible from a Tarot Reading, but the two most common are “The Three Fates” and the “The Celtic Cross”.

There are two types of cards you can expect to see in a reading, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits, much like a regular pack of playing cards, and focuses on the minor issues and questions we ponder over in relation to our circumstantial outcomes. The Major Arcana is made up of twenty two cards in the deck, representing situations we are faced with in life and guidance of how to solve issues.

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Types of Readings

There are two types of reading in a Tarot Card session: Open Readings, and Question Readings. A skilled reader will consult the cards appropriately depending on what it is you are asking personally. However, there are a few considerations to be aware of when asking questions, the most important being to maintain a positive attitude when deciding what it is you want to ask.

Question Readings

These readings hone in on particular aspects of your life that have left you contemplating specific questions. However, the cards can not give you an exact yes or no answer, they act more as guidance in how to help you come to a realization yourself. For that reason, it is best to make sure you keep your questions open so you get the best possible results from the cards! If you have the answer you desire already in your head, then it is going to be difficult to get an objective response from the cards, as you have already made your mind up, haven't you? Below is a an example of how NOT to pose your question:

“Should I break up with my partner?”

This question may seem like it is being asked in an appropriate way, but in fact its negativity does not lend itself well to an honest answer from the cards. By limiting your answer to yes or no in this style of question, you are closing many doors that could provide you with a more detailed response. Have a look at how you could present your question in a more insightful way:

“Are there ways in which I can save my relationship with my partner?”

This style and type of question is far more effective, as it is posed in a positive manner. Therefore, the cards will be able to look at your response more holistically and provide you with a more detailed guide on what upcoming events will take place and how you can use them to your advantage in response to your question.

When engaging in a Tarot Card reading, it is essential that you arrive with an open mind so that your are mentally prepared for the results that come with the cards. With this approach, the card will be able to assess and predict your needs more accurately and you will be able to use their council to support you in making the right choices for your future. Ultimately, remaining positive when considering your questions is what will give you the best result!

Open Readings

These types of readings address much larger aspects of your life and are useful when you are about to enter a new chapter; such as a new job or marriage. Open Readings are hugely beneficial in supporting us prepare for these new experiences as they give us an idea of what to expect and how this new phase could unravel.

Similar to Question Readings, it is important to approach the experience with a positive frame of mind. The choices you have made in deciding to enter this new stage within your life means you have decided independently that you want to experience change. Your desire to transform by taking a leap into the unknown makes you strong, and sometimes it may not always be easy. The power of the Tarot will mentor personally, allowing you to work towards answering questions in your heart and your head.

Top Ten Tarot Facts

How can a Tarot reading help you personally?

The benefits one can gain from a Tarot Reading are endless, as everybody searches for unanswered questions and hidden meanings. Afterall, life throws us curveballs, forcing us to battle through obstacles that may get in the way of our happiness or success. If what you seek is honesty and awareness in life, then Tarot Cards are how you can develop individually due to their power to see what you are capable of in line with your astrological sign. If you have a burning question that is resonating throughout your body, there is no better way to pursue searching for the answer than with the power of Tarot. An alluring aspect surrounding the art of Tarot, is the possibilty that we may find something out about ourselves that we had never known or realized. Life passes us by so quickly and sometimes we miss important moments that help define who we are, and whilst these moments have helped create our persona, we aren't always aware of their presence. Furthermore, the possibility that information will be revealed in terms of a loved one or an important person in our lives is always useful, as it allows us to make considered decisions. Tarot Cards are an incredible way to gain extrasensory insight into finding out the answers to thoughts or concerns, allowing us to gain a better perspective of life as a whole! Take a look below to find out exactly which card is linked to your zodiac sign so you can develop a deeper understanding of your given card.

Star Sign Tarot Cards

ARIES – The Emperor

This card represents loyalty, reliability and authority which demonstrates an Aries' capacity to be supportive and dependable towards their friends and loved ones. It also shows that they have the ability to be interpretive and thorough when undergoing activities and work.

TAURUS – The Hierophant

This is very symbolic spiritually so it will mean that they are intuitive and pensive. We can learn a lot from a Taurus and its given Tarot card as they are highly knowledgable and provide good advice on events from the past and the present that we can learn from for the future.

GEMINI – The Lovers

Like the name, this card represents relationships and is symbolic of two people being together as a pair. The Lovers are encouraging when it comes to making good life decisions, so they help support you in refusing to give in to temptation.

CANCER – The Chariot

This card helps with taking the higher ground and not engaging in disagreement or discord. Yet it also symbolizes a need to feel free and liberated rather than being in a situation that is too safe or secure.

LEO – The Strength

Like its name, this card represents a variety of different strengths possible within human nature. These include mental, physical and emotional strengths, and allow for a courageous attitude when faced with problems.

VIRGO – The Hermit

This signifies a reflective approach to life and encourages the act of connecting with your inner-self so you can build a relationship with your soul. There is an element to the personality that encourages the act of embracing life's moments rather than rushing.

LIBRA – Justice

Like the sign, Justice weighs out our wants versus our needs. It signals that we mut think with our hearts instead of our heads in order to achieve the best outcome. Like the name, it focuss on fairness, truth, and the law.


This signifies that something important could be coming to an end very soon, and it could be a number of different situations. It is a good time to embrace change and seek new stories in life. The feeling of freedom in light of new change should encourage positive experiences.

SAGITTARIUS – Temperance

This represents an amicable attitude with an easygoing and gentle nature. Having this card allows us to understand that we have a balanced approach to different situations. The ability to be adaptable and adjust accordingly is evident with this card.


A shadow resonates through this card with buried negativity that prevents us from seeing things clearly when taking action. This could symbolize the need to tackle that negativity head on so we can develop in knowledge and sophistication.


Contrary to the previous card, this symbol represents positivty and optimism with a determination to achieve our dreams and our goals. It determines a need to support and help others in order to be aware of our own achievements.

PISCES – The Moon

As per our celestial orb in the sky, the Moon is known for its mysterious qualities as a card and usually means we should be reflective at specific moments in time. It is a passionate card and it means we can use our feelings to connect with other people.