Astrology for lovers

Compatibility comes down to a fulfillment of the senses. While identical star signs can fit, so too can exact opposites. Learn what the different signs seek, and what that means for your love-life.

Love is a powerful sensation that resonates through all of us, connecting us to others in an emotional and passionate way. Finding compatibility with a special person means we can feel all five senses in our bodies, creating a powerful chemical reaction. Yet, it is not always easy to find the right person, the person who makes us smile everyday and who loves us unconditionally despite our flaws. That is why using astrology can help make sure that we are not wasting time on the wrong people or losing the chance to meet someone when we are alone. The question dominating everyones mind when it comes to love is... when and how will I find my soul mate?

Different signs are better matched to one another for a reason. Our character traits and the meanings behind our star signs mean we can foresee which partner according to their sign is best suited for us, allowing us to create stronger bonds with our significant others. Relationships are never easy, but using the art of astrology means we can make them a little more manageable by taking into consideration the individuality of each sign. Compatibility is necessary if you want a happy relationship, so Astroteam have done the work for you and researched which zodiac signs are the most compatible.

The signs that are often the most compatible are in the same element; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. A sun sign alone will not be enough to predict the compatibility between two people, which is why taking the element in which each sign is assigned is a stronger way to measure compatibility. After all, everyone wants a harmonious, fulfilling relationship, right? Using synastry, the comparison of two or more natal charts in order to analyze or forecast the interaction of the individuals involved, uses a mix of study including that of sun signs, moon signs and the placement of Venus and Mars on an individual's natal chart. So, which signs are the most compatible?


The adventurous Aries is highly confident and often makes bold gestures. However, they are well-known for having a short fuse and can lose their temper quickly, meaning they need a feisty counterpart to tame them. The ram is in the fire element, so it is evident that compatibility will work best with other fire signs, including Leos and Sagittarius'. Though air element signs are also a potential suit to an Aries, such as Aquarius' and Geminis.


The Taurus is a determined yet stubborn individual as well as reliable, dependable and forgiving. Be aware that they can be greedy for attention and will need someone who is able to tame their self-indulgence. The bull is well-matched to other earth signs and some water signs, including; Cancers, Capricorns, Virgos and Pisces'.


The Gemini is highly versatile and flexible due to having a dual nature. They are often intelligent people who enjoy having conversations with others and can be very opinionated. Though they tend to get anxious and express narcissistic tendencies. The sign of the twin will obviously work best with other air signs, such as Aquarius' and Libras. Though they are also compatible with some fire signs, such as Leos and Aries'.


The Cancer is an emotional person who reacts quickly in difficult or tense circumstances. They can fall in love easily and will be devoted to whoever they have chosen. They have the potential to bear a grudge, so make sure you do not act in a way that could be upsetting. The crab will work best with water signs like Pisces' and Scorpios as well as earth signs like Taurus' and Virgos.


As stars of the zodiac, the Leo is a proud, creative and innovative individual with a big heart who is ready to love. However, they do have the potential to be bossy and dominating, unwilling to explore the ideas of others. The lion is compatible with other fire signs, such as Aries' and Sagittarius'. They are also compatible with air signs, including Geminis and Libras.


The Virgo can have the tendency to by shy and hesitant, but do not underestimate them as they are highly analytical. Their reliability means you can depend on them but beware their habit of seeking perfection continuously. The virgin works well with earth signs Taurus and Capricorn as well as some water signs, including Cancers and Scorpios.


The Libra balances the zodiac, so is therefore a diplomatic, reasonable person. They are witty and charming but can tend to be hedonistic at times and struggle to make decisions. The sign of the scales works best with other airs signs, such as Geminis and Aquarius', and some Fire signs like Leos and Sagittarius'.


The Scorpio is an extremely emotional person who wears their heart on their sleeve so it is easy to be drawn to them. They are passionate in everything they do but can get jealous easily. The scorpion is compatible with other water signs, including Cancers and Pisces', as well as earth signs Virgos and Capricorns.


The Sagittarius is a straight-talking individual who is able to use his intelligence to make others feel good. They are extremely optimistic, sometimes too much, but can be irresponsible and immature. The archer works well with other fire signs, such as Aries' and Leos, and is compatible with some air signs, including Libras and Aquarius'.


The Capricorn is pragmatic and practical, showing discipline when it comes to making important decisions. They are meticulous when they plan but this can sometimes turn rigid with an unwillingess to change. The goat is compatible with other earth signs, such as Taurus' and Virgos and some water signs, inlduding Scorpios and Pisces'.


The Aquarius is extremely friendly and extremely creative. They are often very clever and like to remain independent. Whilst they are exciting, they can be unpredictable and detached at times. The water bearer is compatible with other air signs, such as Geminis and Libras, as well as fire signs Aries and Sagittarius.


The Pisces is a friendly individual who tends to go with the flow. Though do not be fazed be their calm exterior, as they are strong willed and, when faced with challenges, able to respond powerfully. The spontaneous Pisces is compatible with other water signs, including the Scorpio and Cancer, though they can also be well-matched to some Fire signs, such as Leos and Aries'.