Astrology and happiness

Every star sign has an intrinsic web of personality-based desires. Satisfying what our souls crave and finding a love for the Lotus is just one step towards a healthy state of heart.

Seeking the feeling of happiness is a natural desire for a human being, and aiming to achieve piece of mind is something we all strive for in life. Every person is different, meaning what they require in order to accomplish happiness is going to be subjective. Satisfaction with one's life means we can enjoy existence on this wonderful planet we call Earth. Luckily, using the predictions and readings given by professional astrologers allows us to preempt and plan how we can take opportunities and be in the right place at the right time so we can gain as much as possible. By analyzing the position of planets and reading the stars, we can use pesonal details, including times and dates of birth, to observe events that are about to take place. It is then up to the individual to decide if they want to use the information for their benefit and, as result, achieve true happiness. The use of astrology will divulge and clarify how to achieve satisfaction in a variety of areas within your life. The birth chart is like a map of someones's soul and provides information on what areas you can excel in and what talents you possess that you can develop.

Our spiritual well-being is important when it comes to using the stars to seek clues for happiness. For that reason, using one's natal chart and focusing on the 4th House, the House of Home, to determine the foundations surronding the home and the family is the best starting point. Our 4th house is a bit like a mother-figure, seeking to nurture and protect. Placing an emphasis on creating positive karma in the household will allow us to see our house and the people in our house in a positive light. Studying the 4th House on a person's natal chart will provide an indication for how to respond and react to unexpected familial situations. The planet that owns each zodiac sign on an astrology chart dominates that house and oversees karma elements within your life. Astrologers will analyse which sign rests in the 4th House on a chart and link it to its relative planet. Where the planet is positioned will determine how happiness can be transferred by which house.

Guidance in our careers and working out what type of job is best suited to us according to our sun sign is going to have a big impact on your happiness overall. By looking at the 2nd House in your chart, the House that exposes natural strengths and skills that you acquired when you were born, you will be able to make a plan with regard to your hopes and dreams. Due to each and everyone of us being unique, it is only natural that we will have varied aptitudes for different professions. By exploring your 2nd House, you can reflect on what job would be best suited to you in correlation with your natural born skillset and strengths.

It is impossible to go through life without encountering problems or being faced with struggles. How we handle those times of hard-ship strongly links to our emotions. Emotional needs resonate through every aspect of our lives, be that at work or in the home amongst family members, and looking toward the moon to determine how we handle moments of pressure will aid us greatly. By analyzing the characteristics of your moon sign, you can categorize your needs, both emotional ones and practical ones, and begin to comprehend how you behave in response to those demands.

There are guidance tips for each sun sign, though each person will have their own 'individualisms' based on House readings from their chart. Yet, as astrologers, we can use what we know about each sun sign's personality traits to make informed decisions for what could potentially make others happy. Below are some suggestions for you based on the sign you were born under, and some thoughts to consider when making life decisions.


The confidence and audacious Aries likes to be in control. They have the capicity to use their ambition to lead and manage, so need to be pushed and extended where possible so they can remain interested. Try to be strong in your decision making and keep yourself active to ensure you keep your energy up and feel good about yourself.


The calm and steady attitude from the Taurus means you will feel most at ease when you are relaxed with a harmonious environment. Try to do gentle sports like Yoga or Pilates so you can feel tranquil, and eat healthily so your body feels clean and revitalised.


The Gemini is extremely lively and active, so they need to be on-the-go regularly and constantly have new and exciting offers at hand. Explore opportunities for self-development, like learning a new skill or trying out a new hobby.


As a Cancer, you are probably very observant of other people's feelings due to your intuitive nature. You are extremely empathetic but are able to be pragmatic when making decisions. Consider the use of feng-shui in your home to sense your environment from an emtional perspective.


Fiery Leos have a bright spirit and are full of energy. Their reactions can be spontaneous and theatrical, due to being extremely passionate individuals. Use your energy to get up and be productive so you feel a sense of achievement and take an opportunity to showcase your skills and talents in front of others.


The logical and practical approach from a Virgo when it comes to dealing with difficult situations means they are able to balance themselves across professional and personal time. Develop habits that ensure your life remains clutter free, so you can feel cleansed in moments where you need to make choices.


Like the scales the sign represents, the Libra is desperate to achieve consistency and equity. This applies to all aspects of a Libra's life, and they will not be satisfied if something feels off-balance. Work on your organizational skills so you can create a home that means you are able to make daily decisions quickly and without hassle.


The misunderstood Scorpio is a powerful person who expresses a lot of passion around the people they care about. They are strong physically and mentally despite feeling emotional at times. Try not to bear a grudge against those that have upset you in the past, so you can build relationships that will keep you fulfilled.


A Sagittarius is always searching for learning opportunities to acquire new knowledge. They are adventurous and often seeking ways to make life exciting, be that with work, travel or relationships. Surround yourself with positive, interesting people that are down-to-earth and visit new places you have never seen.


Capricorns are level-headed people who are skilled at navigation, especially when it comes to their own personal lives. They are able to distinguish the difference between material and emotional realms and make informed responses. Make plans and follow them through so you can advance in a variety of ways.


The Aquarius has a special bond with water and nature and can often show true humantirian tendencies. They enjoy helping people and are highly creative. Make sure to be unique to yourself and do not change for anybody, and make sure you are consistently surrounded by other people so you remain sociable.


It is often difficult for a Pisces to make a decision due to looking in different directions and living in a fantasy world. However, like a sponge, they absorb everything they experience and guard what they have learnt for beneficial use in daily life. Find ways to help and support others and divulge to them the knowledge and experience you have gained.