Astrology and Family

We share a deep-rooted understanding with family members born under the same element. Learning to complement the features of other modalities is the next step towards harmony.

Officially, a family defines itself as, “a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children that they care for collectively.” The technical term for a family may be logistic, but family itself is a complicated, delicate matter. At the end of the day, family can either make or break us, creating happiness or causing sadness. During times of hardship between loved ones, it is important to care for those we love, even if it is difficult at times. Our sun sign and the elements reflect our differences, allowing us to consider and improve family relations. The dynamics we experience between family members are a fundamental part of life. If we get home and situations are tense after a long hard day at work, resentment may start to creep into our heads and our hearts. As astrologers, we have the capacity to use the elements and the modalities, along with the measurement of signs and planets, to predict and preempt forthcoming familial situations.

The Elements

The elements are a fundamental aspect to take into consideration when exploring the principles behind family. Take a look at what element your sun sign was born under so you can begin to explore how best to position yourself amidst your close and distant relatives. Elements influence our temperament and our motivational attributes.

FIRE (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire signs represent warmth and light, though they are known for their fiery temper and have a tendency to be erractic. They are enthusiastic individuals who express copious amounts of passion and they like to be productive. Within your family, it is advisable to look toward fire signs for making important decisions, as they have the confidence to be practical and efficient. Fire signs were born with a talent for getting things done in a professional and productive manner, though be prepared for some drama as they are impassioned and turbulent. If family life is lacking in excitement, it is entirely possible for a fire sign to seek drama to keep people on edge. Whilst not hugely tactful, fire signs do have a lust for life and are very generous.

EARTH (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Funnily enough, earth signs are... down to earth. They are grounded and often express modesty, but crave structure and routine in order to feel safe. Air signs are organized and prefer to be in familiar surroundings, so count on them to be reliable in a family setting. You may notice family members turning to earth signs for advice or counciling, reason being that they are calm, poised and steadfast. It can be difficult to gauge the reactions of an earth sign as they tend to keep themsevles guarded. Earth as an element is associated with materialism, though it does not usually manifest itself as superficial. Whilst sophisticated, earth signs are not fans of ostentation. Having a balance between work life and family life means that earth signs will have a considered approach to family turmoil.

AIR (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs are definitely unpredicatbale and are firecly independent. The senses of an air sign are heightened and they enjoy intellectual conversations based on their logic. Within the family, expect air signs to be the voice of reason and trust their ability to be objective. If there is ever a tense or strained moment amongst family members, turn to the air sign so they can mediate and use their intellectual skills to calm the storm. Be prepared to ensure the air signs in your family are mentally stimulated. Remember that air signs are well-known for their creativity and their imaginations, so they will always make great company and interesting conversation starters at family events.

WATER (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces)

Water signs are unpredictable, a bit like an ocean , the sea or a river. Much like the flowing currents, water signs are emotional and intuitive, acting instantaneously rather than logically. Water signs are very aware of their emotions and are hugely empathetic to the feelings of others. Be careful keeping secrets form water signs, as they are extremely intuitive. This means they are going to sense tension or anxiety. Though they are great for emotional support, they can be overly sensitive, so do not put too much strain or pressure on them as they will quickly become irritated and lose their patience. One thing is for sure, the water signs are definitely nurturers, as they enjoy taking care of the people they love. They are perfectly happy to let others be in the spot light, remaining subtle in their support and avoiding family drama.


Modalities allow us to further characterize, adding another dimension to the reading and understanding of family members according to their sun signs. There are three sub-divisions within modalities: cardinal, fixed and mutable.

CARDINAL (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Action-oriented, those born in a cardinal sign are natural leaders, who take initiative and enjoy taking risks. What is most impressive about cardinal sun signs is their ability to pick themselves up and try again when faced with failure. You can always count on a cardinal sign to work as a team player and, whilst they do tend to dominate, they are severely loyal. Due to the fact they are good listeners, cardinal signs often get involved in important family decisions, offering insightful and diplomatic opinions.

FIXED (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

It is fairly obvious that fixed cardinal signs are going to be your most stable. True to their character, fixed cardinals are consistent, considered and reliable. However, due to being right most of the time, they can be stubborn when proven wrong. They also have a considerable fear of failure, meaning they will usually stay within their comfort zone. Fixed signs are the rock in the family and are fundamental in a crisis. Loyal, diligent and dependable, they will do whatever it takes to ensure a stable family environment.

MUTABLE (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Mutable signs are extremely versatile and are capable of acquiring knowledge through personal experience. They are able to adjust themeslves to any given circumstance and are definitely team players. If you are ever in need of uplifting, go to the family member that is a mutable sign. Mutable signs do not like conflict and do not like to involve themselves in a family crisis. However, by not involving themselves, it means they can view issues objectively. They are able to divulge considered points of view on the matter, so use the mutable signs in your family as mediators and negotiators.