Astrology and Relocation

Where do we place ourselves in life? Our environment is something we should never take advantage of though it's something we need to carefully consider when deciding to relocate. Afterall, our surroundings are what refelect our personality and put us at ease. For some of us, living in a comfortable, familiar habitat is necessary to secure our personality, for others, pushing boundries and exploring the unknown is necessary in making sure we explore new beginnings and opportunities for personal development. Either way, how can we be sure that we are placed in the right setting? Without knowing what environment suits us best, we can't thrive or push our initiative. Astrological readings and an analysis of our signs may be the answer to your problems when it comes to relocation. The decision regarding where to move is, without doubt, extremely important, but how can we be sure we have made the right decision?


Where we relocate, if we have decided to take the plunge and move elsewhere, is critical in defining who we are and what we represent. Deciding exactly what destination and what terrain is right for us can be a daunting prospect. Astrocartogrophy uses your location and the elements within your natal chart to identify which part of the world, our map, are angular at the moment of your birth. If a planet is angular, it is conjunct with one of four angles: Ascendant, Descendant, MC or IC. With the use of these angular readings, we can counsel you when it comes to deciding where you should relocate to or travel. Where we live affects our mood, our productivity and our health, so it is natural to have the desire to use our natal chart to certify where is best for us to relocate. The date, time and place of your birth provides an accurate estimation for which destination is best suited for your lifestyle and way of living. Perhaps there is a country that you feel particularly drawn to, or a place that speaks to you personally? Well, these feelings are normal, as they contribute to your personality and define where you should live. Being born when a planet is angluar can be replicated by relocating a person to an alternative planet on an opposing angle. An astrocartography map consists of the outline of the Earth composed with vertical and horizontal lines, though it is possible to acquire a map for each hemisphere. There are 40 lines along our world map that allow us to provide astrocartological readings, all of which are directly linked to the planets: the ascendant, the descendant, the immuni coeli and the medi coeli. Your natal chart is a map of the sky at the time of your birth that uses your chart to identify which angle for each planet were present at your time of birth. Lining out the results allows us to accurately predict which part of the world suits our needs and our desires. If we are in the right place at the right time, then our relationships, career and love life will all fall into place.

The Elements

Each star sign, linked to a particular element, allows us to base our findings and analyze how our birth chart can be used to consider a destination.


(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Signs born under fire are tempestuous and passionate individuals who seek the unknown. The feeling of being stimulated and pushed to extremes is reminiscent and a dynamic lifestyle is necessary in order to meet a fire sign's ambitions. Continuous movement, due to the dissatisfaction of being in the same place for too long a period a time, is necessary for fire signs. Cities that never sleep, like New York, London or Bangkok, are the ideal location for those who like to see and experience feelings outside their comfort zone.


(Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) Signs born under the earth element have a strong bond and connection to nature and all that is green. Exploring wild terrain is fundamental and seeing broad landscapes on a daily basis will put any earth sign at ease. Be logical, evocative of the earth traits, and relocate to a place that is both beautiful and practical. Job opportnities are important but it is completely understandable for earth signs to need alluring, natural aesthetics. Countries like Ireland, Switzerland and Austria will give you both natural beauty and economic opportunity.


(Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) Panoramic views will definitely get the travel juices flowing for our air signs. The need to explore as well as the the comfort of the familiar indicates places that are safe yet lively are a good bet for those born under the air sign. Stunning scenery with charismatic character is necessary, so consider moving to places like Edinburgh, San Francisco or Morocco.


(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) Being a water based sign links directly to the need to be near aquatic locations. The water signs often want to be near the coast, stranded on islands or lazing next to a lake. Being connected to water often means we lead our lives in conjunction with our feelings, linking us to the community. Tranquility is the essence resonant amongst water signs, so consider moving to Florida, Hawaii or Bali.

When analyzing transits on your natal chart, clues lie in the Fourth House when it comes to a potential relocation. Pay close attention to zodiac signs in the cusp of your Fourth House as well any transits that cross over. If you are planning on traveling any time soon, pay close attention to the zodiac sign resting in the Ninth House. This will indicate whether or not a long-distance trip is right for you in the present moment. Due to Jupiter ruling travel and destination, be attentive to this particular planet. You may be feeling like it is time for a change of scenery. However, do not be too quick to make the leap into new boundaries, as you may be needing a change of community rather than a change of country! Though taking the plunge and moving to a new town or city in your own country may be beneficial in the long run.