Moon phases that affect your life

From tides and biological cycles to emotions and inspiration: the full extent of the Moon's influence is hard to overestimate! Discover the most important phases to be taken into account...

As humans, we have an intense connection with the Moon , meaning our relationship with this beautiful planet is powerful, as we yearn for its guidance and wisdom. Her power gives us a breadth of energy and makes us feel stronger looking up to the compelling lunar orb in our sky. In the art and study of astrology, our Moon is a female. For this reason, she guides and facilitates our emotions and our fertility. Under her beams, we contemplate and self-examine, we experience cleansing moments of intensity. The stunning mystical night light that we call our Moon is a force to be reckoned with, resting in our heavens. History has taught us that this mystical heavenly body plays a fundamental role in our lives. The word 'lunatic' derives from the Latin word “lunaticus”, meaning hysteria. Therefore, it is obvious that a Moon in its brightest moment will send us into a state of lunacy and delerium at times. Each Moon phase signifies different meanings, so we must take into account their complexities and use them to our best advantage. In ancient Greece and Rome, philosophers believed that the water in our brains linked to the tides of the sea, and that these tidal waves of the brain were affected whenever the moon was large or full, thus creating strange behavior from humans on Earth. Lunar phases affect our health, our state of mind and our psyche.

During the Moon's full rotation, which takes 29.5 days to travel across Earth, we are able to feel and see the stages of the Moon phases clearly, with each one taking approximately 7.4 days. Each Moon phase is unique and possesses its own spiritual meanings, meaning we must examine each phase attentively so we can profit from the array of energies the Moon provides our Earth. Each of the 8 phases (New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Third Quarter, Balsamic) presents a different array of perplexities, and being attuned with each of the phases will prevent us from fighting our eternal lunar orb's curve balls it throws us at different times throughout the year. The Moon has phases during its orbit due to having no light of its own, but instead reflecting light from the rays of the Sun.

Phase 1 New Moon (0 – 45°)

New Moon (0 – 45°) – This time represents the menstrual cycle, so its affects are especially prominent in women. It signifies a new start and a time of retreat, allowing you time to regain strength. Anything you do under the New Moon is a fresh start and you should use this time to re-energize and expel negative thoughts and unwanted items from your life. Some time alone and avoidance of technology amongst other distractions is your best bet for achieving solitude. Concentrate fully on how you feel as the Moon turns its dark side toward us and you turn in on yourself.

Phase 2 Waxing Crescent (45 – 90°)

A waxing moon signifies your hopes and your wishes, so after having taken some time to revitalize during the New Moon, you can start seeking release and attempt to fulfil these hopes and wishes you are aiming to achieve.

Phase 3 First Quarter Moon (90 - 150°)

This occurs a week after the new Moon, so you may begin to feel like there are barriers in your way when it comes to achieving your dreams. It is at this point when you really need to push yourself and conquer any problems that arise whilst you continue your fresh start. It is a good idea to log your actions so you are aware of how you tackled difficulties regarding the development of your aspirations.

Phase 4 Waxing Gibbous (135 - 180°)

This phase represents fine-tuning and editing and comes with an adjustment period. It is time, at this phase, to re-evaluate what you set out to do and tweak any areas that may be preventing you from success. You may even need to adapt the direction you have chosen for your path and be realistic about new objectives.

Phase 5 Full Moon (180 - 135°)

At this point, the Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, meaning they are in opposite zodiac signs. The power of two such big extremes means we struggle to find a balance between the two, so it could be an emotional time during this phase. However, there will be opportunities worth considering, so do not close yourself off despite the tension during this phase.

Phase 6 Waning Gibbous (135 - 90°)

This moon is thematic in the sense that we are encouraged to feel gratitude, encouraged to share and to feel earnest towards other people. The results of your responses and dedication since the New Moon should begin to be apparent. The signs may not be ample in size, but they will be evident. For that reason, you will be feeling appreciative of your loved ones. Take an opportunity at this time to treat someone you care about and show them your affections. Now is the time for giving back to those that have always loved you, cared for you and been there for you in times of need.

Phase 7 Last Quarter (90 - 45°)

Here is where we should start to have feelings of release and forgiveness towards others and ourselves. As the Moon gets smaller during this phase, you need to have the strength to surrender feelings of anger or frustration. This is an opportunity to cleanse your aura and your soul by considering cleaning up aspects of your life both mentally and physically. Clear your head and tidy space around you so you can maintain a positive mind frame.

Phase 8 Waning Crescent (45 - 0°)

Finally, it is time to surrender what you have experienced and prepare yourself once again for a new beginning. You may feel desolated at this time as you have gone through an entire Moon cycle. You have watched things come and go that may or may not have mattered to you, and this effect can be devastating. Whilst it may be tempting to plan immediately during this time for the next New Moon, I encourage you to take it easy and make sure you get some rest. If you can, take a vacation, if not, make sure you unwind in a space that makes you feel calm and tranquil.

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The most important thing to remember is to take each phase as it comes and not to rush in terms of how you react. As each phase affects us so differently and has such different meanings, we can not combine the same reactions to each individual lunar month. See the phases as an annual journey that takes you through each stage of the year delicately, and focus on the importances and the meanings of each phase so you can benefit from each new beginning throughout the year.