Astrology and Karma

It is a common belief that “Karma” is fate, sealed in the past and due to visit in the future. The true meaning of Karma translates as “action” not “result”, which means we can affect the course of our lives right now with a change in our conscious energy. How is Karmic Law influencing your life?

Karma... fate... destiny... all force us to consider our actions due to what may happen to us in our next life. Karma plays a strong role in our lives and needs to be considered whenever we are making decisions that reflect how we feel or, more importantly, how we make others feel. By using Karmic Astrology, a branch of astrology concerned with karma for individual people, we can use the idea that reincarnation may bring new hopes or daunting consequences for our actions and responses that we make in the present. When exploring karma in astrology, we use important elements from a person's natal chart, including houses and planets, to surface deep, rooted feelings or information from the past that we may not have considered.

The idea of “what goes around comes around” in karma has, in Western culture, started to be widely accepted. Though ancient Indian mysticisms surrounding karma have been around for centuries, it has only recently started to make itself prominent globally in the last few decades. The link between astrology and philosophy are clear in that both follow the belief that life would be more rewarding if we were to work hard rather than depend on luck. Both subject areas accept the concept of reincarnation and both believe in destiny and karma in relation to present life. In astrology, we use factors such as country, time and character to create predictions about potential karma in a future life. As we were all put on this Earth with the knowledge that eventually we will die, we must consider that every organism takes birth and enters a new life according to the good and bad deeds of our past lives.

We are all aware that the position of the planets during the time of someone's birth affects human behavior, but how we behave with our achievements and failures affecting the outcome of what type of person we are can also have an impact on human nature. The consequences of our actions in a previous life could mean that we are experiencing karma in the present, and creating it for the future. There are three types of karma: Sanchita Karma, Prarabdha Karma and Kriyamana Karma. Sanchita Karma represents accumulated work, Prarabdha Karmas are ripe or fructuous actions and Kriyamana Karmas are current works. Sanchita and Kriyamana karmas can be be counterbalanced by present day karma that we are experiencing now, good or bad, or in a future life. Though it is necessary for Prarabdha Karma to be experienced in this life time. The theory of karma does not accept life as predestined, our actions and the rewards or consequences that come with the choices we make in this life time, will directly affect karma in a later life. This indicates that we need to be smart about the choices we make on a daily basis, rather than put down bad happenings to karma alone. If everything in life were predestined, astrological patterns and predictions would not have any relevance in human civilzation.

As astrologers, we have the capacity to look at different poisitoning of planets for each sun sign and consider the strengths and weakness related to each planet in accordance with an individual's natal chart. “Drirah” is a technique that explores how the houses in a person's natal chart can affect their karma and gives indicators of any predestined events that could happen. “Adrirah Karma”, the analysis of someone's natal chart in relation to Sanchita and Kriyamana Karmas, is not a certified predication and can only be forecasted as strongly as “Drirah”. An astrologer can make a forecast by reading the divisional charts computed from a natal chart and how transits between planets move alongside one another. This forecast will divulge information on potential events, though it is important to remember that only you can make the right choices in your present life to secure a positive karma for your future existence.

Fundamentally, making good decisions about how you act on Earth during the present day will not only secure a positive karma, but it will also create a peaceful lifestyle. The battle and debate surrounding “good karma vs bad karma” must take into consideration that those of us who make bad choices could be rewarded in present and future lives. Try to use what your astrologer divulges to you during your reading surrounding karma, so you can feel confident and secure when acting. Afterall, you are in control of your life as much or as little as you want to be, and karma feels the same when it considers how involved it needs to be for your past, present and future!