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ARIES – March 21st – April 19th (Ram)

As an authoritative fire sign, it is understandable that the Aries is going to want to take control! Fire signs are well-known for their ability to be extremely tempestuous when thrown into the ring of fire. They are widely known for losing their temper very quickly and being unable to control their emotions. However, they can be inspirational creatures due to their sheer determination. The powerful strengths of an Aries lies in their ability to be hopeful, energetic and adventurous. The capability to be brave yet generous makes the Aries sign an undoubtedly treasured star sign. However, be weary of their need to be impulsive when the moment arises to make a snap decision. Aries' are renowned for their quarrelsome attributes, so tread carefully when faced with a fiery situation that might leave you feeling hot under the collar. Creating a balance between action and reason is the best bet for an Aries as they are highly intelligent!


TAURUS – April 20th – May 20th (Bull)

As an earth sign, the Taurus is reliable when it comes to remaining grounded and ensuring they have stability. They are also known for being 'down to earth' in terms of personality, meaning they give no illusions as to who they are and what they stand for! They are very practical and immensely loyal, meaning you can always put your faith in a Taurus. Their strength lies in their ability to be logical and hard-working whilst under pressure, but they are also hugely romantic and creative. A Taurus will always persevere and work hard to make sure they achieve their potential! Though their determination means they can be prejudiced, almost stubborn! Deriving from the stars shaped like a bull, it is no surprise that the Taurus will go in full guns blazing! Though believe it or not, they are fairly well known for their ability to remain chilled out and relaxed. Yet if you push a Taurus too far, they will undoubtedly snap, so approach with caution!


GEMINI – May 21st – June 20th (Twins)

As an air sign, living in fairy land may seem like the appropriate location for a Gemini. However, do not underestimate them, as they are highly intellectual. More often than not, they enjoy intellectual conversations that stimulate the brain and base themselves around philosophy. Geminis are very sociable, which makes sense considering they are linked to the sign of a twin, and enjoy spending time with others and giving advice to people they care about. Whilst it may appear that they are being analytical or over-protective, in fact a Gemini always has your best interest at heart. They are insightful beings that use their wit to react to a situation with ease and charm. Though be prepared, they can be fickle and love to gossip! Whilst their advice is considered and well thought-out with the subject being the priority, they are susceptible to easily divulge personal details to others when tempted! Either way, you can always rely on a Gemini to think before they act!


CANCER – June 21st – July 22nd (Crab)

The water sign of the crab has a gift for the sixth-sense, meaning they are very dedicated when it comes to creating relationships with loved ones. It is also important to understand that the imagination of a Cancer is extremely versatile and can be counted on when it comes to seeking inspiration. When a Cancer commits to something, they will give it their all! The Cancer is a kind and caring individual that wants what is best for themselves and for others, meaning they seek an intimate, meaningful relationship, be that with a romantic significant other or a friendship. Due to their commitment to others, the Cancer does have a tendency to be a tad greedy and possesive, so do not be surprised if jealousy creeps in if your significant other is a Cancer. One thing is for sure, a Cancer will always be attentive and will always pay attention to the people that matter in their lives.


LEO – July 23rd – August 22nd (Lion)

The heated Leo will always be ready to make sure all eyes are on them, both in a good way and occasionally in a bad way! As a fire sign, the Leo dislikes to be ignored and is a natural born leader. A Leo is extremely sociable and loves to be surrounded by friends and companions, and they are famous for having a great sense of humour. Just to clarify, a Leo has an extremely warm-hearted nature and loves to care for the people they love. Usually this appraoch to loved ones results in generous or selfless acts that put other people's needs before their own. A Leo is also a very charitable humanitarian in their search to help others in need. Make sure you tread carefully around a Leo, as their arrogance and search for self-fulfillment could ignite a quick reaction. Their enthusiasm is hard to miss, and you can always count on a Leo to bring some life to the party.


VIRGO – August 23rd – September 22nd (Virgin Maiden)

The earthy Virgo continues to pay attention to the minor details often overlooked by others. Sometimes they lack the ability to express themselves, so do not always accept the feelings they are experiencing. Much like the meaning behind the name, a Virgo often feels like it is experiencing something for the first time. Though rest assured a Virgo has a strong character, able to organize important aspects of their life with a logic that is only possible from a Virgo. Perhaps this is due to their elegance and their demeanor when tackling challenges, or perhaps they just have a certain flair for putting things into perspective. Due to perfectionist traits, Virgos can have a tendency to over-analyze something, meaning they can be fussy at times. We can count on a Virgo to be the rational, clear-headed member of a social group, due to their dependable nature and gentle spirit!


LIBRA – September 23 – October 22nd (Scales)

As an air sign, the Libra is capable of balancing some of life's most difficult battles. They are rational when faced with conflict and able to provide an objective perspective if there is an argument taking place. A Libra is very fond of the intellectual and mentally stimulating things in life, such as interesting documentaries and good books. For this reason, it is necessary to stimulate the mind of a Libra so they consistently remain engaged. A Libra is very idealistic, meaning they have high ambitions and hopes for the future. Though they are reasonable in their approach to a disagreement due to having a rational disposition, they can also be hesitant when it comes to making important decisions. There is also a tendency to be a tad materialistic, meaning they can focus on their appearance regularly. At least you are safe in the knowledge that a Libra will listen to both sides of a story attentively!


SCORPIO – October 23rd – November 21st (Scorpion)

Water signs like the Scorpio are highly intuitive and can be mysterious individuals, though they enjoy emotionally deep connections with others and intimacy is very important to a Scorpio. They will fight for what they love and you will not see a Scorpio seeking to be the centre of attention. They are resourceful, stubborn, but above all, a true friend once they have decided to make you a part of their lives. Being so protective can mean they struggle to trust people. The more a Scorpio knows you on an emotional level, the more likely they are to want to make you a permanent fixture in their life. Be ready for possessive elements within a Scorpio's personality as they can be obsessive and fixate on one particular thing. Though do remember that, more often than not, it is because they care!


SAGITTARIUS – November 22nd – December 21st (Archer)

Not quite as intense and fierce as an Aries, the Sagittarius fire sign is still well-known for its strong and courrageous personality. They do not only possess mental strengths, but physical strengths too, meaning they are very self-aware. A Sagittarius is insightful and able to laugh when things do not go their way. However, sometimes their positivity can come across as if they are trying overly hard, so they can not always fulfill their promises. In fact, the Sagittarius can often make rash decisions without thinking of the consequences and can have a tendency to be forgetful. One of the most beautiful and exciting things about a Sagittarius is their passion for movement and travel. You will always be awaiting an adventure with a Sagittarius!


CAPRICORN – December 22nd – January 19th (Goat)

The earth sign of a Capricorn is an emotional, caring person who enjoys connecting with others on a deeper level. Without doubt, you can count on a Capricorn to have your back and never let you down! The reason for this is their determination and their approach to building relationships. A Capricorn is fully capable of adapting themselves to different environments appropriately. They are endearing individuals who can be ferociously independent and love to be challenged academically. However, due to being such self-sufficient characters, they can express stubborn qualities and often refuse to back down from their opinions. Capricorns are impulsive and are able to make the most out of the material world, so you can always rely on them to make valuable decisions that will benefit their loved ones in the future!


AQUARIUS – January 20th – February 18th (Water Carrier)

As an air sign, the Aquarius is a loveable, creative person who enjoys communicating with others and being in a safe environment. An Aquarius is intellectual, so enjoys having conversations that are stimulating and help develop knowledge. Usually, you will not meet Aquarius' with the same attitude toward life as each of them is extremely unique and individual. They are smart and practical and enjoy mixing up their environments and their surroundings so they can keep life interesting. Due to having such a charismatic nature, they can be rebellious and are often seeking an adventure that takes them to new places. Young Aquarius', who have not yet learned to control their emotions, may be particularly disobedient toward a parent in the household! Either way, you can always depend on an Aquarius to bring their talents, whatever they may be, to any social gathering or event!


PISCES – February 19th – March 20th (Fish)

The compassionate water sign that is Pisces has a gentle, wise soul and is always willing to lend an ear to someone in distress. They enjoy seeing others happy and thrive when people confide in them as they are natural givers and very friendly. They are definitely selfless creatures who can sometimes put themselves in a position where they might be victimized. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you treat a Pisces with respect so they feel valued. Whilst they can be sentimental at times, they do have a very good temperament, meaning they can be trusted to be a mediator in a dispute. A Pisces is also well-known for their artistic abilities and has a real passion for music. Their faithfulness and their eagerness to love others and be loved in return is what makes a Pisces so wonderful to have as part of the family or in a friendship group!