Astrology and finance

Wealth astrological analysis aims to help face financial issues or build savings for the future, no matter if we are talking about individuals, SME or international companies. Traditionally being referred to as the "Great Beneficial", Jupiter can invite Lady Luck into your life. Discover what patterns you should be looking for!

Linking the celestial bodies to the financial market is a certified way to manage and control your finances. The position of our planets can heavily affect our financial situation and provide mathematical predictions to help cope with any plummets that may take place. Having studied the theories on how to use the heavenly bodies to predict financial situations, Astroteam can provide you with information that plots and calculates the position of different planets and stars and assign them a numerical value. For thousands of years, the astral bodies have been used by astrologers to predict the outcomes of financial stability, professionally and personally.

Financial astrology is used to forecast economical changes in the stocks and commodities. By plotting the planets and using time cycles to predict financial shifts, you can consider directions and decisions relating to your financial situation. Technical analysis can not always provide secure predictions for any changes in the stock market. We can not always be relied upon to make rational, considered decisions that are beneficial in the financial market. That is why using both financial astrology and a fundamental analysis together will provide a more accurate reading. Planetary support and resistance bases its finding on the actual positions and harmonics of planets and provides an accurate account of changes in the market.

The forthcoming year is going to witness a variety of planetary movements, indicating that 2018 is going to be a financially productive year. Planets moving at alternate speeds based on their distance from the Sun and form angles that are measured and analyzed by professional astrologers. With Saturn passing its own sign and Jupiter passing Scorpio and Sagittarius, financial opportunities are set to present themselves and there could be advantageous hope for economical development. Reasons being that Saturn represents limitation, restiriction and authority, whilst Jupiter represents the power of thought and learning. All of these attributes linked to Saturn and Jupiter indicate that 2018 will be a considerably forceful year for the stocks, the market and personal finance. There is no doubt that, whatever happens, 2018 will be an eventful year in terms of finance. Each sign will be influenced by changes due to the planetary movements, so use the information below to begin making economical decisions that are beneficial for the future. Below are some of the affects you may see in the upcoming year according to each individual sign.

Finance for Aries

Things will start well financially in 2018 due to Venus, the planet of finance, being combustive. Tread lightly when it comes to making decisions about your finances so as not to have any investments explode in your face unexpectedly.

Finance for Taurus

Mercury, also a planet relating to finance, will play a significant role with regard to your finances. There is a possibility that you will suddenly come into some money at the beginning of the year. Consider investing what you gain so you can use your wealth for the future.

Finance for Gemini

The Moon will affect your sign financially this year, as at the start of the year it is in its own sign of Cancer. Being directly opposite Saturn means you should not make any rash decisions when it comes to money.

Finance for Cancer

You are set for a positive year financially, as the planet Jupiter will provide you with opportunities to gain money despite challenges you might face from Rahu.

Finance for Leo

Mercury will contribute to what happens in your life financially. The passing of Jupiter and Mars mean you will make financial gain and will be able to regultae how your money is spent.

Finance for Virgo

Venus will determine the outcome of your money gain this year, giving you strength in this area of your life. The astral bodies have designed opportunities for you to ensure you profit at the beginning of the year.

Finance for Libra

Jupiter's presence in the house linked to finance will have a compassionate influence on your financial situation. You will be able to use that compassion to take your time when making decisions so as not to lose too much money.

Finance for Scorpio

Once again, Jupiter will move across the path of your sign for the duration of the year, so you should benefit and gain money, even during times of hardship. Save what you earn so you can gain more than expected throughout the year.

Finance for Sagittarius

Unfortunately, Saturn will rule your second house, and will remain in the sign of Capricorn. You may experience some loss financially and will have to reflect on how you can rectify the situation to ensure you are set up for the future.

Finance for Capricorn

Saturn's presence in your second house could mean you suffer the consequences of its ruling. Be cautious when deciding how to spend or invest any money you gain so you know that you are safe and insured.

Finance for Aquarius

With Jupiter's presence in your house, you should expect financial gain and should be able to predict how you can take advantage of opportunities related to finance. For the first time in a while, you should be comfortable financially and be able to make expenses with ease.

Finance for Pisces

With Mars ruling your second house, the planet's masculinity will be tough and force you to reflect on how you deposit your finances. However, the confident aspect of the planet means you should be able to make decisions comfortably and with self-assurance.